GB - Kenya - Tuikut AA+

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Kenya - Tuikut AA+

Variety : SL28, SL34, Ruiru11

Process : Washed
The Tuikut Factory is located in the west of Bungoma, five kilometres from Uganda, and is the western coffee producing area in Kenya. The main planting varieties here are Ruiru11, SL28 and SL34. This time we present the AA would surely subvert the stereotype of Ruiru11

Origin : Bungama
Altitude : 1800 MASL

Farm Story
The Bangoma County Agriculture Bureau began to send a massive amount of free coffee plants to local farmers (including SL28, SL34, Batian and Ruiui11 and other varieties) in mid-2019 and claim to become the TOP 1 coffee production County in Kenya in 2022 which strongly supports by the local government. It also committed to sending outt a double amount of coffee plants to farmers for reaching the goal!

Tasting notes :
Blackberry, Mulberry, Cranberry, Plum, Grapefruit

Size : 1 kg