GB - COLOMBIA - Manantiales del Frontino

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COLOMBIA - Manantiales del Frontino

Variety : Geisha

Process : Lactic Washed
Washed exposed to a 42 hours lactic fermentation. For lactic fermentation to take place, the cherries were places inside plastic tanks for 42 hours at 22 degrees celcius, in this environment bacteria feeds from carbohydrates and sugars from the mucilage. This leads to a higher concentration of lactic acid.

Farmer : Andrés Londoño

Origin : Caicedonia, Valle del Cauca

Altitude : 1850 MASL

Farm story
Andrés Londoño is grower of aprox 50 years old. He's been producing coffee for 30 years. His family has been growing coffee for 60 years. About 15 years ago he decided to be a Specialty Coffee growers, considering to be on the pioneers of this activity. He decided to plant Mokka, Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Gesha and Maragogype. He had some great years at the begining but with the years the managing started to get a little bit difficult due to the size of the farms. He also produces also Castillo and Caturra and all his land is about 300 hectares in Quindío and Valle del Cauca Deparment. His Gesha won the best Gesha of the World in 2015.

Tasting note : 
Orange Blossom, Frangipani, Lemon, Citric, Vanilla, Honey

Size : 1 kg