GB - COLOMBIA - Laderas Del Tapias (Natural)

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COLOMBIA - Laderas Del Tapias 

Variety : Catiope

Process : Natural
12 hr cherry fermentation. 10 days on slow mecanic drying process

Farmer : Pelaez  Jaramillo

Origin : Neira, Caldas

Altitude : 1700 ~ 2100  MASL

Farm story
It's located in the region Tapias River Canyon in the municipality of Neira - Caldas. We are part of the Coffee Cultural Landscape, declared by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site. The estate has a long tradition in coffee production. In the 30s of last century the first coffee plants were planted and during this period has belonged to two families. Since 1980 belongs to the current owners, who have expanded the cultivated and the farm have specialized in producing high quality coffee area. ​In the coffee crisis of the late 90s cultivation he was abandoned. In 2000 a new generation, family Pelaez Jaramillo resumed activity and restoration of houses in keeping with the architectural tradition coffee.

Tasting note :
Cranberry, Strawberry Jam, Dried Apricot, Jasmine, Green Grape​

Size : 1 kg