GB - COLOMBIA - La Virginia

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COLOMBIA - La Virginia

Variety : Pink Bourbon

Process : Double Fermentation Washed
Dry fermentation of 50 hours with the pulp on inside Grain Pro bags ,another 50 more hours fermentation after pulped inside Grain Pro Bag, followed by washed propcess, then leave coffee dried on raised beds to ideal moisture content.

Farmer : Rafael

Origin : Timaná, Huila

Altitude : 1700 ~ 1800 MASL

Farm Story
Rafael was born in Tolima and has been working in Coffee with his father, also a coffee grower, for over 35 years. Back in 2002, he managed to buy his first farm in Timana, Huila, but only in 2012, he got started with specialty coffees. Since 2014 he's been working with differentiated processes and extended fermentation, which marked a turning point in his life. Rafael as his wife, who handles feeding for coffee collectors on their farm. Their La Virginia farm produces Geisha, Yellow Bourbon, Pink Bourbon, Pacamara and Caturra.

Tasting note :
Honey tea, Raspberry, Guava