GB - COLOMBIA - La Consentida

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COLOMBIA - La Consentida

Variety : Caturra

Process : Washed
Picking only ripe cheries. Fermentation of 36 hours after depupling. Washing carefully

Farmer : Luis Alfonso Murillo

Origin : Caicedo, Antioquia

Altitude : 2140 MASL

Farm story
Luis Alfonso Murillo was born and raised in his farm in Caicedo. He has been producing coffee since he has memory. He remembers to pick coffee and to be in the beneficio since he was 7 years old. Luis Alfonso is married and has two daughters, 7 and 2 years old. The Murillo family started producing specialty coffee since 2014, when the Government of Antioquia helped young coffee producers with incentives to the producers that produce specialty coffee. Luis Alfonso is convinced that by producing high quality coffee his daughters will have a good future. He wants to keep sharing the passion for coffee with his family.

Tasting notes :
Honey, Almond , Creamy