GB - COLOMBIA - Finca San Luis (Red Bourbon)

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COLOMBIA - Finca San Luis

Variety : Red Bourbon

Process : Anaerobic Washed
After the coffee is harvested, it will be washed and sorted with spring water immediately. Before the washed process, it will be placed in a GP bag for anaerobic fermentation to produce more flavour, once washed process has done, coffee beans will leave to dry till it reaches the ideal moisture content.

Farmer : Omar Arango

Origin : Libano, Tolima

Altitude : 1680 ~ 1800 MASL

Farm Story
Omar Arango has been dedicated to improve the process and production of specialty coffees, learning about more efficient ways of collection and sorting, and also the most processes benefit, achieving today optimize resources getting the organic production certificate on 2015. San Luis has a special condition due to the location, close to the Ecuadorian line and it's altitud which goes from 1600 to 1900 meter over the sea level. Coffee trees are able to produce high quality coffee all year long, you can find flowers, green, yellow and red bean in one tree.

Tasting notes :
Orange, Chocolate, Brown sugar

Size : 1 kg