GB - COLOMBIA - Finca San Jose (Rum Barrel)

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Variety : Castillo Naranjal

Process : Rum Barrel Fermentation Washed
The Rum coffee have been choose carefully, only matures grains and supremo size. It is fermented under Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros (FNC) standards, is washed and is classified in gutter and sun dry. Once the coffee is properly sun dry is taken to barrels of Colombian oak, for a time that goes up to 3 months according to the quality controls that are performed monthly to give the point

Farmer : Monsalve Botero

Origin : Caldas

Altitude : 1750 MASL

Farm story
The family business Finca San José is advancing on its third generation working tirelessly on the conservation of Colombian coffee and maintain the coffee tradition of the area as a pillar of social development of a community. One day, Ms Monsalve Botero, the owner of Finca San Jose Estate, pop out an idea that fermenting green coffee bean in a barrel which is fermenting Rum.

Tasting notes :
Rum, Muscat, Cheery, Winey Chocolate, Nuts

Size : 1kg