GB - COLOMBIA - Finca Monteblanco Gesha (Washed)

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COLOMBIA - Finca Monteblanco

Variety : Gesha

Process : Washed
Cherries are left in fermentation tanks for some hours, it allow the green bean to absorb some of the flavours on the mucilage, pulp and outer skin, then dry the beans till ideal moisture content. Wahsed process usually bring out the brightness and clean cup of coffee beans.

Farmer : Rodrigo Sanchez

Origin : San Adolfo, Huila

Altitude : 1750 MASL

Farm Story
Rodrigo Sanchez grows and processes specialty coffee at this farm Monteblanco in the municipality of San Adolfo in Colombia's Huila Department. Rodrigo, his wife Claudia, his Daughter Nathalia and his team work hard to produce one of the best coffee on the region focusing on Pink bourbon with slow and cold fermentation, purple caturra both natural and washed.

Tasting notes :
Lemongrass, Mandarin, Green grape, Verbena

Size : 1 kg