FELLOW - Stagg [X] Pour-Over Dripper

FELLOW - Stagg [X] Pour-Over Dripper

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Whether you're a coffee expert or novice, Stagg [X] Drippers will help you consistently brew the perfect cup.

Use the ratio aid to ensure the right amount of coffee, every time.

Take advantage of Stagg's vacuum insulated body, steep slope and unique hole pattern to kick your pour-over recipe up a notch.

We've created two dripper sizes to cater to the brewer on the run, and the slower paced traditionalist.

Want a fast coffee routine that consistently produces better coffee? Stagg [XF] might be your coffee soulmate.

Materials: Stainless steel body, silicone gasket. 

Vacuum insulated: For ultimate heat retention during your brew

Unique design: No clog drainage hole and bump for optimal extraction

Ratio aid: Measure out 1 or 2 servings so you always know the right amount of coffee to add. Ratio aid also acts as a drip cup for when you’re done brewing.

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